We are happy to debut our new designs along with some great style ideas. Once you have pulled your outfit together, keep in mind that you are sporting a look that is not only representing your home pride, but also a movement of change.

Five percent of all proceeds from My Home Apparel are donated to help end homeless in Canada. Everyone deserves a place to call home. Don’t be afraid to look great, and be a part of something greater.

DSCF3049       DSCF3051                                             DSCF3066

Sometimes a girl has to embrace her inner Bossy B**ch. This iconic t-shirt is super versatile, giving you a wide range of great looks. Here is a styling idea: Take a simple skirt, your best pumps and a seasonal jacket. Throw in your My Home Apparel tee and – Boom, you’re good to go. Be mindful of wind. And stairs…

DSCF3101       DSCF3177                                                  DSCF3120

Feeling more casual? Well who can say “no” so a high-waisted pant combo. That’s right. No one. Pull out that cozy sweater and don’t feel guilty.  Polish off your look with a killer bag, infinity knit scarf, and shades so your relaxed outfit looks like something much more!

Until next time,

My Home Apparel   xo

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