Earlier this fall I moved to New Brunswick from Ontario. With Christmas coming I was starting to feel disconnected from my family and I was thinking how different it was going to be this year. This past weekend my parents were expected to be visiting and bringing me the rest of my furniture/stuff. What they surprised me with, on top of all the amazing hard work and time they have put into this move, was an early Christmas.

They surprised me with the most amazing gift of all. I didn’t think it was even a possibility, but they brought me the gift of a piece of home, my baby niece and my big sister. How they managed to keep all that a secret from me is astonishing.

My mother brought the whole nine yards. The Christmas tree, the traditional star tree topper that we have had in the family for years, my first ornaments, my hand stitched stocking, my stocking holder, and the food. Don’t even get me started on all the food she brought.

We had a full on Christmas this past Sunday. With the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and ham.

In my family we have a lot of traditions, especially when it comes to the food.  Some of those food traditions are Nanaimo bars, eggnog cookies, peanut butter balls, cherry/butter/mincemeat tarts, sugar cookies, cream cheese chocolate chip cupcakes and a few random Christmas treats my mom has decided to test out each year.

Also, we usually have a few cheese balls from Hickory Farms, homemade spinach dip, and our special homemade crab dip (a recipe that has been passed down through the Webster family). We always have these things, along with the treats, to nibble on until dinner was ready.

Without these main traditions in my HOME it wouldn’t feel like Christmas. Which is why my parents recreated that feeling of Christmas on a random day in the middle of November. That feeling of HOME, holiday season and comfort was created.

Home isn’t just a place, it is a feeling, and it’s about the people you are surrounded by. My family helped create my new home in New Brunswick and filled it with wonderful memories and helped to ensure there are many more to come!

What makes your HOME feel like home to you?

Kristine Webster

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