It’s truly a year that I will never forget. My HOME Apparel was born this year, making it a very monumental year. The shirts began as a vision to tell a story. I never truly imagined that it would become what it has today. I am forever thankful and truly blessed to be living a dream come true. Shirts are being bought, worn all over the world and at the same time, we are helping to end homelessness in Canada. Together, we are making a difference!

In July 2015, the shirts became their very own company, under the brand, My HOME Apparel (formerly under the brand: Beck & Boosh). Creating sister companies was a big decision, but both companies have flourished as a result. The process taught me that taking risks was a part of the journey and to simply enjoy the ride!

beck & boosh,
This was the first photo that I posted on the My HOME Apparel social media sites and the day the two companies became sister companies!

From Fort McMurray to Newfoundland and over a dozen shows in between, I spent 2 months on the road spreading the My HOME Apparel brand. Such an amazing experience travelling Canada, while getting to meet wonderful people and share my passion!


Our first seasonal kiosk opened in September in MicMac Mall and the second opened in Fredericton in November. The team grew from 1 person (Me) to a staff of 10 people!!!

I will never forget my first little shops as we continue to grow and expand across the Country. I loved coming to work here, talking to people and watching the popularity grow day by day. Stay tuned for the locations next year!!


Thousands has been donated to homelessness initiatives across the country because of all your support! We have created even more partnerships for 2016 and are beyond thrilled to help spread the love!


Our super popular pajama sets! We expanded from tank tops and t-shirts to hoodies, pjs, toques, pillows and more! In just under 3 months we doubled our clothing line.

Thousands of shirts were sold since July and we have all of you to thank. I am so, so thankful for all of the support and for helping me believe in my little company. Big things are coming in 2016 and I CAN’T WAIT to share them with all of you!


Thank you for making 2015 a year I will truly NEVER forget.

Here is to an incredible 2016!

With deep gratitude,


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