When I was 18 years old with a fresh high school diploma in my hand, I boarded an airplane into the unknown. All my possessions were in a single backpack and I was ready to embark on the scariest, most amazing adventure of my life. At the time, I thought I would discover new parts of the world, meet awesome people, and try cool food. Little did I know that I would find my sense of home.

18 years old, floating in the Dead Sea, Israel    1999

Since that first backpacking trip through the Middle East and Europe, I have continued making traveling a priority. It is where I feel the greatest sense of belonging and where I discover parts of myself that brings peace and inspiration. Both of my boys traveled to India with me while I was pregnant, so nothing has ever really stopped me. 🙂

Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Congo (DRC)  2005

People often ask, “what was your favourite country” or “where would you go again”? Those are the hardest questions to answer. There has never been a place I didn’t LOVE! Each place offers a new experience, a new taste, and new inspirations. So many places I felt I could move to, because each time I travel, I feel a sense of belonging. From Everest Base Camp to Ecuadorian jungles, to African safaris or Sri Lankan beaches, I always knew that I was leaving part of my heart behind, but more importantly, I was filling my heart with all my new adventures and people I met.

Since traveling is such a huge part of my life, I have brought it into every business I have owned. One of my greatest joys is traveling, buying goods and coming back to share my treasures. People have asked me why I don’t have everything made in Canada, or how I feel about imported products. The answer is always the same:  I feel alive when I’m traveling and then coming back and sharing my experiences completes me. I feel excited, fulfilled and most importantly: happy!!! I love meeting the locals who make the goods. I love sharing a tea, learning local words and helping them support their family.

market shopping, New Delhi, India  2009

I recently was so fortunate to travel to Australia with my gorgeous family and then take my supportive and travel loving husband to Bali for 9 days. We ate, we swam, we met new people, we explored, we rested and of course we shopped. It’s what we do. We spent hours talking about going back and how much our kids would love the fresh fruit and warm oceans.  I was convinced we were moving to Bali! However, once back in reality I realized that it doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we do. Traveling is in our souls and lights us on fire. It brings us HOME.

On the beaches of Bali  2016

So, where are you headed? 🙂

Miriah xox
Founder of My HOME Apparel.

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