Imagine living in only 200 square feet. Your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, and all your belongings neatly organized into a 8×24 foot space. These adorable, simplistic homes are referred to as “tiny homes” or “tiny shelters” and are part of a movement for a more minimalistic, sustainable way of living. When I heard about a tiny house in my own town, I was fascinated.


Kelsey, the owner of the famous Foxhound Candles and graphic designer boyfriend, Ben Brush own the most endearing tiny home just outside of Truro, Nova Scotia. Upon hearing about their home, my immediate response was “how”? How could two people permanently live in such a small space? What about their stuff, their personal space, and how do they truly manage to coexist in a very small space? I am fascinated about the concept of a “home” and what makes up a home, so I needed to ask them about life in their tiny home. What I never expected was to be so inspired.


Kelsey and Ben built their tiny home and Kelsey’s 8×8 studio in less than 4 months. They took a look at their 3 bedroom apartment, full of things and decided they wanted more from life than stuffed spaces, and  frequent time apart in different rooms. So, they purged. They simplified their life by packing their belongings into 2 car loads. Kelsey described this process as incredibly spiritual. From their tiny, happy space, they have realized that buying things does not create fulfillment. In fact, purging items actually gave them more joy than the initial purchase ever did. The result was a feeling of total freedom!


Their journey has made them more aware of everything: how they spend their time, the items they buy, how they use our money, and their effect on the earth. They found they have more time to do the things they love: cook meals together, go on walks with their dog, get creative in their own businesses, and spend quality time together. This is something we could all do more of: spend quality time together without the burden of “stuff”.

Kelsey, Ben and their dog outside their tiny home!

Kelsey explained that their are some challenges of living in a tiny space, such as respecting the space that the other person is using, and have had to learn to adapt to how the space flows. However, they designed their home based on how they wanted to spend their time together and found that the flow of their space and their vision is working for them.

Every person is different, and needs their own unique space. What I find so inspiring about Kelsey and Ben, is that they had the courage to take a look at their lives and their home and found what was making them unhappy. They envisioned a space and built a home around what their values are and how they wanted to live their lives. It really isn’t about the size (but a tiny house is really adorable), but more about creating a home that reflects one’s core beliefs, and most importantly what makes you happy. Because a home is a space to build memories, live together with those we love,  create, decompress, and feel safe.

May you all find your own perfect square footage of happiness,

My HOME Apparel

Check out Kelsey’s awesome candles here to fill in your happy home!


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