On October 13, 2016 a dream came true and I opened the door to my first flagship store and studio. After 6 months of planning and working out the fine details, the shop was ready to open and the studio was ready to start printing shirts! For almost a year, we had worked out my Mom’s store, Sea Shell Design. My amazing Mom, and her staff helped guide us on our way and supported us on our start-up journey. I have worked beside my Mom since I was four years old; sewing, selling at shows, and working in her shops. Growing up working with her, gave me the courage and desire to open my own store.

My AMAZING staff helped bring my dream to life. They hustled for 2 weeks to paint, assemble, move, and get the shop ready for opening day. Have I mentioned how incredible my staff are? They truly are the best.

The day we took possession at 131 Esplanade St. Our new HOME!
The Staff painted, and cleaned for 3 days just to get ready to move in!

My INCREDIBLE husband brought my visions truly to light. He took my Pinterest projects to a whole new level and created stunning pieces in the store.

The gorgeous counter built from reclaimed lumber.

In the store, we were inspired from Canadian landscape, traditions and rustic Northern Life. We LOVED the wooden beams in the store and wanted to emphasize that with our counter area and pallet wall. Our stunning pallet wall was built by my husband and painted by the talented Sylvia Estey!

Hand painted with love!

We created cozy corners where you would feel at HOME, and love to visit again. 🙂


Our finished store!!!!!!! Welcome to our HOME!

In our shop, we carry our full HOME line, as well as Canadian made products from Makers across Canada!


We are thrilled to welcome you to our new HOME. We hope you will come visit us, and share the love of our new space. Come check out our studio, where the shirts are printed, come read the amazing cards, enjoy checking out the Canadian brands, or try on our new Canadian made clothing!

We look forward to seeing you in our new HOME!!

Founder/ Creative Director


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