Over 35,000 Canadians each night don’t have a place to call home. With winter coming, we couldn’t handle the thought of people suffering out in the cold without bare essentials. We decided to create our “Hats for the Homeless” in response to the need for warm clothing for people living on the streets or living in a state of poverty.

For every toque we sell from October- March, we will donate 1 to a person in need. The hats will be distributed from coast to coast, and our goal is to donate 1000 toques in 5 months.

Patch toques in a variety of styles and designs.

Wherever the hat is purchased is where the donation will be made. If you are Winnipeg and purchase one of our hats, we will ship 1 off to a shelter nearest you! Our “Hats for the Homeless” supports your community.

ALL of our winter hats are included in this initiative. Check below for all the styles and options. No matter which winter hat you purchase, know that your order is having a direct impact on the communities around you.

Canadian made merino wool toques.
Canadian fur pom pom hats.
Cape Breton HOME winter toque
HOME Pom Pom toques for all Atlantic Provinces

With your support, we will help keep over 1000 people’s heads warm this winter.

Much love,

My Home Apparel team


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