Here at My HOME Apparel we are lucky to bring some amazing Canadian made products into our shops. Along with our own brand, we also offer a lot of unique gifts ranging from bath & body products and pottery, to art prints and pantry items. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we’ve got some awesome gift ideas to share with you.

Photo Credit: Peace by Chocolate

It wouldn’t be Valentines day if we didn’t enjoy a little treat and what better product to indulge in than Peace by Chocolate from Antigonish, Nova Scotia (haven’t tried it yet? you don’t know what you’re missing!). The company is operated by the Hadhad family who had the opportunity to come to Canada after fleeing from their home in Syria where they lost their chocolate factory in a bombing. With the support of the town of Antigonish, the Hadhad’s were able to rebuild their factory and share their delicious treats with us. The sense of community in the maritimes is incredible! The fine chocolates they produce come in many beautiful shapes such as maple leafs, hearts, roses and more. Each chocolate is filled with an array of nuts, natural fruits and other fresh ingredients. They come with an assortment of flavours and have between 4 – 24 pieces inside. Go ahead and treat yourself, “one peace won’t hurt”.

Photo Credit: Peace by Chocolate

I believe it is important to let your loved ones know how amazing they are, whether its a friend, family member or partner. Pixel Paper Hearts, a creative design studio from Milton, Ontario, has some great products to do just that. Whether you’re looking to send a sweet empowering message or something a bit more bold, they’ve got it all. Reading “You are pretty f//king awesome, keep that sh/t up” on your mug first thing in the morning while enjoying some fresh coffee (or tea, please!) would make you ready to tackle anything during your day.

They also create greeting cards, enamel pins, prints and key tags. All of which have words of encouragement or quirky phrases like “maybe swearing will help” or “crafty as f//k”.

Photo Credit: Toni Losey

A beautiful piece of pottery by Toni Losey would be a fantastic gift for anyone in your life. Toni’s pottery is made in Nova Scotia; we carry her stunning line of speckled mugs and bowls. The nature inspired colors and modest design are sure to suit anyone’s taste or décor. She also does some amazing sculptural work filled with lots of texture, shapes and diverse colors.

Photo Credit: Halifax Paper Hearts

For those with wanderlust, we have the amazing Wanderers Map made by Halifax Paper Hearts, a card and print company from Nova Scotia.  This map comes with a tiny glass vial of gold push pins to track all the places you’ve travelled to. It comes with or without the frame, whichever you prefer. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius



A section of our shop that is sure to brighten your day and make you giggle is our card wall. One of the many card makers you will find is Classy Cards, a boutique stationary company from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their well designed and funny greeting cards sport sayings such as “Let’s Drink Wine And Judge People” or “I F//king Love You” (yes, we carry cards with swear words!). They also offer other products such as magnets, wine labels and notebooks dawning similar amusing phrases.

And for those who aren’t really into… well, people, here is a favourite from their collection of notebooks:

Let’s be real, a few people probably popped into your mind when you read that, me too. Photo Credit: Classy Cards

These are just a glimpse at some of the awesome items you will find in our shops. Stop in and see us in Truro or our new location in Moncton! How perfect for Valentine’s or
“Gal-entine’s” day!

Moncton: 805 Main St.
Truro: 131 Esplanade St.

Lots of love,

My HOME Apparel


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