I have always said, entrepreneurship chose me, I did not choose it. Even growing up in a self-employed household and seeing the struggles first hand, I was always drawn to the passion, hustle and ambition of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. I was always the child to organize and instruct others: a leader in the crowd. I always liked to perform in front of anyone who would watch, and try to articulate my big thoughts from a little mind. Even though I was outgoing and confident, for most of my life most people simply called me “bossy”.

What always drew me to entrepreneurship were the strong female role models around me, and mentors I looked up to. I was always drawn to their dedication, undeniable work ethic and determination. These were values that resonated within me, and fuelled the fire to start my own business. It was not the rich male CEOs that motivated me; it was the women around me rubbing elbows with the best and making their own definition of success.

mom-sea shell

My number one source of inspiration was my Mom. My beautiful, creative, talented Mama has worked so hard in her life. She used to get up at 5am and work until we left for school, and then work all day, make dinner, then go back to work when we were in bed. She has only ever worked for herself, and managed to balance her family life and create the job that made her happy. Wow – living your passion and being financially independent? How inspiring is that for a young girl growing up?!

Since becoming an entrepreneur I have been surrounded by so many incredible girl-bosses. In my own small community of Truro, Nova Scotia, there are dozens of female entrepreneurs paving the way and living their dreams. Downtown meetings and town events are filled with women entrepreneurs who are helping to put our little town on the map. The strategic plan for our Downtown was entirely developed by strong, intelligent women. I have so much respect for their own passion, hard work and resilience.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.18.52 AM.png
Downtown Truro, the place I call HOME!

I have attended conferences run by powerful, highly successful women entrepreneurs, who have let nothing get in their way. I have enrolled in life changing courses with other women starting out, just like me. We have wiped each other’s tears, celebrated each other’s successes and been each others’ cheerleaders. All of these moments were guided with love, support and tenderness that I believe only other women entrepreneurs can provide each other.

Alberta Cangift 2018

I travel a lot for work, and attend a lot of trade shows and retail shows. Many of these booths are run by females starting out or veterans in the business. Many trying to balance work and family, and have little ones at home, just like me. I am constantly inspired by their belief in their business and the fire that is lit within them. At a recent show in Alberta, I met so many incredible women, paving the way in their industry and making their mark. We shared in each others’ achievements, created collaborations and new friendships. All girl bosses, working together.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.09.30 AM.png
P/C: SlideShare


After having met and interacted with all these amazing women entrepreneurs, I have realized we are all The Boss. No matter how big or small, we are channeling our passion into a career and leading our own way. All of the women share common traits: confidence, strength, ambition and “bossiness.” So now when we see our daughters, nieces, friends, granddaughters, students and neighbourhood girls that are fierce, strong- willed, confident and independent, recognize that they are are not “bossy,” but they are The Boss. They are next generation of female entrepreneurs that will lead us, inspire us and make a difference in this world.

Through my own entrepreneurial journey, I realized I was not bossy as a little girl, I was always meant to be the boss.

-Miriah xo
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