About us

My HOME Apparel began as a vision to tell a story. When wearing your My HOME Apparel shirt, you share where your story all began, and connect with others along the way.

In October 2014, the idea for the HOME shirt was ignited and shortly after, our high quality shirts were being worn on people all across the world. The HOME shirt brand started it’s roots under the Beck & Boosh brand (www.beckandboosh.com), however, as the shirts gained momentum, My HOME Apparel was created as a separate, sister company in July 2015.

At My HOME Apparel, we feel passionate about providing high quality apparel that allows you to show where you call home with pride! All shirts are designed and printed in Nova Scotia, Canada and then shipped all over the world from our head office in Truro, Nova Scotia. Every time you purchase a My HOME Apparel product, you are helping to provide jobs for Canadians and supporting a small, local business. You are awesome! Thank you!

Our home is one of the most important things to us and having a warm place to call home is something many of us take for granted. In September 2015, My HOME Apparel joined forces with Shelter NS, The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, and 20K Homes to help bring an end to homelessness in Canada. Together we can make a difference and help those who are so often forgotten.

Join the My HOME Apparel movement on all our social media outlets. Upload your selfies and share your story of where you call HOME. #myhomeapparel

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