Hats for the Homeless

Hats for the Homeless

Over 35,000 Canadians each night don’t have a place to call home. With winter coming, we couldn’t handle the thought of people suffering out in the cold without bare essentials. We decided to create our “Hats for the Homeless” in response to the need for warm clothing for people living on the streets or living in a state of poverty.

For every toque we sell from October- March, we will donate 1 to a person in need. The hats will be distributed from coast to coast, and our goal is to donate 1000 toques in 5 months.

Patch toques in a variety of styles and designs.

Wherever the hat is purchased is where the donation will be made. If you are Winnipeg and purchase one of our hats, we will ship 1 off to a shelter nearest you! Our “Hats for the Homeless” supports your community.

ALL of our winter hats are included in this initiative. Check below for all the styles and options. No matter which winter hat you purchase, know that your order is having a direct impact on the communities around you.

Canadian made merino wool toques.
Canadian fur pom pom hats.
Cape Breton HOME winter toque
HOME Pom Pom toques for all Atlantic Provinces

With your support, we will help keep over 1000 people’s heads warm this winter.

Much love,

My Home Apparel team


Girl Bosses: International Women’s Day

Girl Bosses: International Women’s Day

One of the most amazing parts of owning my own female run company is getting to work with other women entrepreneurs across Canada. When I opened my gift shop, I couldn’t wait to bring in handmade products and unique designs from girl bosses all across Canada. I am so grateful for the incredible women makers and dreamers I have met, and inspiration I have received from them. In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017, here are just a few of the amazing women entrepreneurs found at My Home Apparel.

Foxhound Collection: hand blended and hand poured candles made by Kelsey Weir in her studio in Truro. Her aesthetic and eye for design, has everyone swooning. She works hard in her business, and is also devoted to making Truro the best it can be!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.46.08 PM.png
Foxhound Collection Candles smell sooooo good!  Photo Credit: Foxhound Candles

Halifax Paper Hearts: Stefanie’s cards are “made with love, care and salty air from the East Coast” and are full of the cutest designs. We have created meaningful collaborations and supported each other through the ups and downs. Her growth is remarkable! Watch out for this firecracker- she is going places.!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.58.00 PM
Halifax Paper Hearts adorable cards. Photo credit: Halifax Paperhearts

Justine Ma: Based out of Edmonton, Justine Ma’s has created the most incredible line of cards, prints, home items and accessories featuring witty phrases and gorgeous hand lettering. The popularity of her designs, shows how incredibly talented she is!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.06.50 PM.png
Justine Ma‘s popular mug! photo credit: Justine Ma

Bad Mouth Soap Company: Sarah’s soaps are handmade in small batches using a cold press method and free of harmful chemicals. Her designs are witty and products are top quality. I have loved our collaborations and we can’t keep her East Coast Hangover Soap on the shelves!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.13.51 PM
Bad Mouth Soap Company: Soap for filthy people! Photo credit: Bad Mouth Soap Company

Sarah Duggan Creative Works: Sarah’s art is “influenced by her love of the natural world,” which can be shown by the beautiful colour choices and floral prints. People can show their provincial pride with her popular provincial art and whimsical Canadian inspired prints.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.34.52 PM
Sarah Duggan Creative Works: Provincial map print. Photo Credit: Sarah Duggan

Anther Apiary: From comb to home, Suzanne’s honey is a true delight. From flavour to passion, and adorable packaging, this honey needs to be on everyone’s list!

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.02.02 PM
Anther Apiary delicious Honey. Photo Credit: Anther Apiary

These are just a few of the incredible women entrepreneurs I have had the chance to work with and support. I hope you love them as much as I do, and check out their work. When in Truro next, stop in and see all the amazing women makers found in our shop. Over 75% of our products are made by women! These include: Harbourside Designs, Femmebroidery, Buck Naked Soap Company, Lindsay McMullen, Rhubarb Paper Company, Smitten Kitten, Bread and Butter Pottery and MORE!

Women need to support each other, work together and inspire each other not just today, but everyday!

Way to go Girl Bosses, we got this!


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.37.38 PM

2016 at HOME: 10 reasons this year rocked!

2016 at HOME: 10 reasons this year rocked!

It’s that time of year again, where we get to reflect on the past year and think about all the things that have worked and the challenges we’ve faced.  It has been our first full year in business, and what an amazing year it’s been!  I’d be lying if I didn’t say there were setbacks, mistakes made along the way, and moments where I felt completely overwhelmed. However, despite these trying times, I wouldn’t change a thing and feel so grateful for the blessings I’ve had and the impact we’ve made this past year at My Home Apparel.

Although it’s been an incredible year, here are the top 10 highlights:

  1. Meeting the Prime Minister of Canada!! I reached out to every local MLA and MP when I heard Trudeau was coming to Halifax, and I made it my mission to gift him and his family Canada HOME shirts. With their elected promise to support refugees, I knew our Welcome HOME Canada tees were a perfect fit for our new government.
  2. Traveling to Ottawa and Toronto for Start-Up Conferences: Traveling to Ontario and chatting with other entrepreneurs across Canada was life changing. It gave me fresh eyes, and filled me with a powerful energy to take on the second half of the year! I met so many great business people and heard amazing success stories from across Canada. I also got to visit the Shopify head office, which is the web provider we use, so I was so excited to attend a private party there!
  3. Moving beyond t-shirts & hoodies: We expanded past t-shirts in 2016, by adding our super popular floor mats and tartan blanket scarves. It was very exciting to see our line grow so much and to see the growth of the company as a result. We shipped over 2000 parcels in 2016, all around the world and sold over 8000 t-shirts alone!
  4. Traveling to Bali: We traveled to Bali to check out home decor and to get inspiration for our growing line, including our pillows and wooden signs. Plus, we got to spend 10 days in bliss!
  5. Opening our MicMac Mall kiosk: It was our 2nd year in MicMac, and it’s always such amazing exposure and a great experience. Janet, joined My HOME Apparel as the manager, and she led an awesome team.

6. Our Truro Flagship Store opening: This was a dream come true!! Our Canadian made gift shop and studio fills me with so much joy, and I love being able to share my dream space with the rest of Truro and people who visit our incredible town.


7. Our partnership with Stanfield’s: Having our clothing not only made in Canada, but right in our HOME town has been a wonderful experience. I have so much pride in the products we are selling, and the ripple effect our clothing line has on our whole community.


8. Attending the CAEH conference: Heading to London for the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness conference was life changing. Being surrounded by 1000 people who believe  homelessness is a fixable problem is very powerful. Meeting Tim, the founder of CAEH and hearing Clara Hughes speak were highlights.

9. Our own studio: When we opened our flagship ship, we also opened our own studio, where we can print in house. Ben, joined our team in May 2016, as head of design and also production. He is a visionary with design and an incredible screen printer, and has been printing up a storm since October 2016!

Ben teaching a guest how to print her own t-shirt!                   Photo credit: Sean McMullen

10. Our charitable work: This is true highlight of my year and the purpose for everything we do. In 2016, we donated over $10,000 in cash donations, product donation and collaborative projects. We have felt that we have been able to make a difference, raise awareness, and sell products that have a purpose. This year we joined forces with the Shoebox Project, and helped to fill 200 boxes for women in shelters for our surrounding area at Christmas, and were part of the 2100 boxes filled for Nova Scotia, PEI, and Moncton.


There are so many reasons 2016 has been the best year, and I can’t wait for 2017! We have some BIG things planned, including a summer spot in Ottawa for Canada 150, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

We have not set any resolutions for 2017, but rather intentions. We will continue to work hard to end homelessness in Canada, and help give all Canadians a HOME. We will work with our community to help make it the best place it can be. We will be the best version of ourselves, from our designs, to our customer service: we will try our very best. These are our intentions for 2017, and with your support, we know we can do it!

Thanks for making this the best year ever. Thanks to my amazing team who makes it all possible. Here is to an even better one ahead!

Happy New Year from my HOME to yours,

Founder/ CEO





Our new HOME

Our new HOME

On October 13, 2016 a dream came true and I opened the door to my first flagship store and studio. After 6 months of planning and working out the fine details, the shop was ready to open and the studio was ready to start printing shirts! For almost a year, we had worked out my Mom’s store, Sea Shell Design. My amazing Mom, and her staff helped guide us on our way and supported us on our start-up journey. I have worked beside my Mom since I was four years old; sewing, selling at shows, and working in her shops. Growing up working with her, gave me the courage and desire to open my own store.

My AMAZING staff helped bring my dream to life. They hustled for 2 weeks to paint, assemble, move, and get the shop ready for opening day. Have I mentioned how incredible my staff are? They truly are the best.

The day we took possession at 131 Esplanade St. Our new HOME!
The Staff painted, and cleaned for 3 days just to get ready to move in!

My INCREDIBLE husband brought my visions truly to light. He took my Pinterest projects to a whole new level and created stunning pieces in the store.

The gorgeous counter built from reclaimed lumber.

In the store, we were inspired from Canadian landscape, traditions and rustic Northern Life. We LOVED the wooden beams in the store and wanted to emphasize that with our counter area and pallet wall. Our stunning pallet wall was built by my husband and painted by the talented Sylvia Estey!

Hand painted with love!

We created cozy corners where you would feel at HOME, and love to visit again. 🙂


Our finished store!!!!!!! Welcome to our HOME!

In our shop, we carry our full HOME line, as well as Canadian made products from Makers across Canada!


We are thrilled to welcome you to our new HOME. We hope you will come visit us, and share the love of our new space. Come check out our studio, where the shirts are printed, come read the amazing cards, enjoy checking out the Canadian brands, or try on our new Canadian made clothing!

We look forward to seeing you in our new HOME!!

Founder/ Creative Director


Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us!

It’s been months since we blogged, but the truth is, we have been busy!! It has been an incredible year and I have more “pinch me” moments than I can count. Each day I wake up, I feel so blesses I get to do what I LOVE, while also helping to make a difference. So, what have we been up to the last year? Here are some highlights:

In August 2015, My HOME Apparel was born when 2 companies were divided. My HOME Apparel was created out of desire to celebrate where we call home, while also making a social impact in Canada. We have a brand new logo and colours, which has evolved as the company evolved. What do you think? We love the warm blue!

I knew when My HOME Apparel was created that I wanted it to be a social enterprise. We teamed up with amazing homeless initiatives across Canada and in one year, we have donated almost $10,000 in financial support, fundraising campaigns, and in-kind donations. So, pat yourselves on the back! Together in 12 short months, we have made a difference!! I know together, we will continue to do amazing things.


We added so many new products from hoodies to toques and our famous floor mats! We grew from 25 skus to hundreds! You kept asking, so we kept making! We can’t wait to show you what we have for Fall!


We now carry every province! You can rep your HOME no matter where you live in Canada! The Territories are launching soon!! We also added East Coast and West Coast chick tees, as well as our new Vitamin Sea shirts. So many new ones on the way!

 West Coast HOME shirts, myhomeapparel.com.jpg

When My HOME Apparel first started the only employee was me. We quickly grew to 12 people by Christmas for the Holiday season. I have the most AWESOME team who has helped me bring my vision to life. We are a little family and this is our HOME away from HOME!



We have also started to do our own printing! We are now printing over 50% of our own designs in house! Our studio will officially open this fall with our new store (yup, we said, OUR STORE is opening this Fall!). We are also super excited to announce that our shirts will soon be made in Truro at Stanfield’s!


Collaborations have made this past year so, so much FUN! From Sugar Pie Hair Clips, to Halifax Paper Hearts cards, and the super popular, East Coast Girls are Hip shirts with Rhubarb Paper Co, we have had a blast! We have also worked with Sarah Duggan and other local designers for awesome projects and we can’t wait for more in the year ahead!


This year we spread our wings and headed West on a tour across Canada! From Alberta to back East, we travelled all summer spreading our brand and sharing our story! It was a BLAST and we can’t wait for next year!


Participating in Truro’s first Pride Parade and then attending Halifax Pride was a highlight for the whole year. To be a part of such love and joy was a time I will never forget. It was an incredible way to help end our first year in business!

Thanks for all your support and for believing in our company. Everyday you inspire us to be better and bigger.

We can’t wait for you to see what is to come!

Miriah xo
Founder/CEO, My HOME Apparel

Traveling is my HOME

Traveling is my HOME

When I was 18 years old with a fresh high school diploma in my hand, I boarded an airplane into the unknown. All my possessions were in a single backpack and I was ready to embark on the scariest, most amazing adventure of my life. At the time, I thought I would discover new parts of the world, meet awesome people, and try cool food. Little did I know that I would find my sense of home.

18 years old, floating in the Dead Sea, Israel    1999

Since that first backpacking trip through the Middle East and Europe, I have continued making traveling a priority. It is where I feel the greatest sense of belonging and where I discover parts of myself that brings peace and inspiration. Both of my boys traveled to India with me while I was pregnant, so nothing has ever really stopped me. 🙂

Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Congo (DRC)  2005

People often ask, “what was your favourite country” or “where would you go again”? Those are the hardest questions to answer. There has never been a place I didn’t LOVE! Each place offers a new experience, a new taste, and new inspirations. So many places I felt I could move to, because each time I travel, I feel a sense of belonging. From Everest Base Camp to Ecuadorian jungles, to African safaris or Sri Lankan beaches, I always knew that I was leaving part of my heart behind, but more importantly, I was filling my heart with all my new adventures and people I met.

Since traveling is such a huge part of my life, I have brought it into every business I have owned. One of my greatest joys is traveling, buying goods and coming back to share my treasures. People have asked me why I don’t have everything made in Canada, or how I feel about imported products. The answer is always the same:  I feel alive when I’m traveling and then coming back and sharing my experiences completes me. I feel excited, fulfilled and most importantly: happy!!! I love meeting the locals who make the goods. I love sharing a tea, learning local words and helping them support their family.

market shopping, New Delhi, India  2009

I recently was so fortunate to travel to Australia with my gorgeous family and then take my supportive and travel loving husband to Bali for 9 days. We ate, we swam, we met new people, we explored, we rested and of course we shopped. It’s what we do. We spent hours talking about going back and how much our kids would love the fresh fruit and warm oceans.  I was convinced we were moving to Bali! However, once back in reality I realized that it doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we do. Traveling is in our souls and lights us on fire. It brings us HOME.

On the beaches of Bali  2016

So, where are you headed? 🙂

Miriah xox
Founder of My HOME Apparel.

We love hearing your stories!! Submit them for a blog feature: info@myhomeapparel.com

2015: A Year in Review

2015: A Year in Review

It’s truly a year that I will never forget. My HOME Apparel was born this year, making it a very monumental year. The shirts began as a vision to tell a story. I never truly imagined that it would become what it has today. I am forever thankful and truly blessed to be living a dream come true. Shirts are being bought, worn all over the world and at the same time, we are helping to end homelessness in Canada. Together, we are making a difference!

In July 2015, the shirts became their very own company, under the brand, My HOME Apparel (formerly under the brand: Beck & Boosh). Creating sister companies was a big decision, but both companies have flourished as a result. The process taught me that taking risks was a part of the journey and to simply enjoy the ride!

beck & boosh, myhomeapparel.com.jpg
This was the first photo that I posted on the My HOME Apparel social media sites and the day the two companies became sister companies!

From Fort McMurray to Newfoundland and over a dozen shows in between, I spent 2 months on the road spreading the My HOME Apparel brand. Such an amazing experience travelling Canada, while getting to meet wonderful people and share my passion!


Our first seasonal kiosk opened in September in MicMac Mall and the second opened in Fredericton in November. The team grew from 1 person (Me) to a staff of 10 people!!!

I will never forget my first little shops as we continue to grow and expand across the Country. I loved coming to work here, talking to people and watching the popularity grow day by day. Stay tuned for the locations next year!!


Thousands has been donated to homelessness initiatives across the country because of all your support! We have created even more partnerships for 2016 and are beyond thrilled to help spread the love!


Our super popular pajama sets! We expanded from tank tops and t-shirts to hoodies, pjs, toques, pillows and more! In just under 3 months we doubled our clothing line.

Thousands of shirts were sold since July and we have all of you to thank. I am so, so thankful for all of the support and for helping me believe in my little company. Big things are coming in 2016 and I CAN’T WAIT to share them with all of you!


Thank you for making 2015 a year I will truly NEVER forget.

Here is to an incredible 2016!

With deep gratitude,